• 1. Create a social challenge with your Pal!

    2. Wager virtual goods from your inventory!

    3. See who wins!
    (If you don't trust your pal you can add another buddy to be a moderator!)

  • 1. Create free form challenges about anything and everything…


    2. Create application challenges with BetPalz supported games and apps.
    (Developers can use our SDK to integrate BetPalz into their Apps!)

  • 1. Keep winning your challenges so you can build an empire and create a huge virtual net worth!


    2. Make it to the top of the BetPalz leader board for bragging rights!

  • 1. Make it onto the Rewards Board so you can win prizes!

    2. Users with the highest coins flow will win!

    3. Developers can make cash just by integrating Betpalz into their Apps!

BetPalz is a social challenge platform that allows you to wager virtual goods against your palz!



You create the BetPalz Challenge!
Who’s going to win that big game?
Who can run the fastest?
Who’s the better singer?
If this sounds like your kind of fun, then FREEFORM CHALLENGES are for you.


Challenge friends in real game play! BetPalz can be used to challenge friends playing the games you currently have.  Submarine and Monster Olimbpics are the first games to use the BetPalz platform. Create your challenge in BetPalz and then play your game of choice.  That’s all there is to it, we do the rest!

BetPalz Coins & Virtual Market Place

Be your own person and live out the dream that’s in you.  Playing with BetPalz wins you “BPeez” our virtual currency.   Start with a chicken and work your way to a Super Car.  Win BPeez and purchase whatever you can dream up in the BetPalz Virtual Market Place.

Leader Board & Rewards Board

BetPalz is the world’s first social challenge platform, and like any challenge, you will be able to see where you stand against other BetPalz players. Players with the highest net worth will rule the leaderboard for bragging rights.
Players with the highest coin flow will rule the rewards board to win prizes!

User Prizes

It all points to your coin flow! The Top Users on the Rewards Board will be eligible to win prizes!! Imagine that, a social challenge platform that rewards it’s Community with real prizes!! You can’t win a prize if you don’t use the app, so start challenging today and let the games begin!

Developer Prizes

Just as we reward our users, BetPalz will also reward developers who create with the BetPalz Platform in mind.  The magic happens after you integrate the BetPalz SDK with your app.  The more coin flow your app or game generates, the higher your reward! See our Developer Area for details on how to integrate your app today!